Welcome to Our Express Wash!

In a hurry and need a car wash? Choose one of our speedy, exterior only, express car washes while staying in the comfort of your vehicle. Enjoy our fastest service and ultimate convenience to get your vehicle shining in no time!
Premium Wash - $24
Our 3x Wash plus the “Human Touch” for that extra shine!

Enjoy a hand prep, towel dry finish, along with hand-cleaned and polished wheels/tires for that showroom shine!
Ultimate Wash - $16
Our 3x Wash – A mirror finish using our 3x wash process. That’s 3 layers of detergents and protectants to keep your vehicle’s paint and glass surfaces looking their best
Deluxe Wash - $12
Our 2x Wash – From top to bottom an overall better wash, plus important protectants for all your vehicle’s surfaces.
Basic Wash - $8
Our 1x Wash – A budget wash for those who still need a clean car.
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